About the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors for Maricopa county fulfills the executive duties of Maricopa County in a legislative style. It has a budget of approximately $2.5 billion that must be used responsibly. The Board of Supervisors acts like a city council for all 4.5 million residents of Maricopa County. A County Supervisor does the following:


  • Appoints judges and members of boards across the valley
  • Passes legislation, such as tax bills and laws
  • Approves major infrastructure projects, such as construction of roads and bridges and the expansion of public transportation
  • Oversees elections along with the County Recorder
  • Oversees law enforcement along with the Sheriff
  • Oversees preschools, K-12 schools, and community colleges along with the Community College Governing Board and County Superintendent
  • Oversees water usage along with the Water Conservation Board and may pass energy usage and environmental protection policies
  • Oversees public hospitals and clinics along with the Special Health Care Board
  • Works with cities, tribes, the state, and the federal government on major initiatives
  • Oversees animal control, public libraries, and court services
  • Employs 13,000+ people to provide these services to all residents

About District One


Maricopa County’s 4.5 million people are divided across five supervisorial districts. Jevin Hodge is running to serve in Supervisorial District One, which includes Ahwatukee and Papago in Phoenix, South Scottsdale, West Mesa, all of Tempe and Chandler, and most of Gilbert and Queen Creek.

Our district consists of approximately 900,000 people and is larger than five states.