Our Platform

Jevin Hodge has the business, nonprofit, and civic experience needed to serve Arizonans. He will do this by investing in the education of our students, the health of our families, the strength of our economy, and the modernity of our infrastructure.


Maricopa County has an obligation to return taxpayer dollars to the people. That means investing in our community by offering top-notch health services, education, contracting opportunities, and sustainable development guidelines. Jevin Hodge will fight to keep the procurement of hundreds of millions of dollars of goods and services local and build in requirements in contracts that maintain a competitive business environment that treats business owners and workers with respect. 



Arizona’s government has failed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Arizonans have suffered more than most. Arizonans have lost more than most. Arizonans will feel the effects of failed leadership for longer than most. We will feel the consequences of its disastrous leadership and inaction for years to come. From Day One Jevin Hodge will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuild our economy, and renew community trust in good governance.



Arizona can beat its 15% poverty rate, keep lights on and water running, keep its students, workers, and retirees safe, and become the best place to live, work, and study in the world. Jevin Hodge is ready to step up and lead and make sure our sewers and roads are optimized, our workforce is complemented by new technologies and top-notch schools, our population gets the healthcare it needs, and our county government works for the people — not against them.


Nobody should have to sacrifice for their family’s health or to put food on their dinner table. Special attention should be given to providing top-notch health services to veterans, the disabled, and the poor. Jevin Hodge will invest heavily in Maricopa County’s public hospitals and other health programs to streamline care, hire more nurses, doctors, and other staff, and subsidize medication.


Investing in our students at all levels will ensure they are ready for the workforce or to pursue advanced degrees. Jevin Hodge believes helping kids that grew up the way he did receive an education is one of the best long-term investments our governments can make. Attracting and retaining talented staff who stand in front of our students five days a week will allow prepare our students for success. With a special focus on early childhood education, Jevin Hodge will make all types of education affordable in order to give people the tools they need to succeed and give back to their community. We must also provide our adults with affordably opportunities to go back to school and finish their education. Jevin Hodge supports the goals of Achieve60AZ.


Taking care of every family member, even the furry ones. It is imperative that we treat our pets with dignity and care. The Board of Supervisors has control of the Animal Care and Control budget and recently shut down one of the facilities in the East Valley. It is one of Jevin Hodge’s priorities to have this facility reopened and properly funded as a no-kill shelter.


Public works are an opportunity to improve our cities and state, and also to provide jobs for our residents. Investing in Maricopa County’s infrastructure, from its roads and highways to its stormwater and waste systems, is a major priority. The goods and services purchased by the county should come from within the county. This is how we return the public’s tax dollars and ensure they’re put to work for the people.


Jevin Hodge will ensure our workforce is cared for with competitive wages, insurance, education reimbursement, and lifestyle programs. He will demand hiring be equitable, meaning the makeup of our workforce will reflect the diversity of our county. From teachers to judges, Jevin Hodge will prioritize attracting and retaining high-quality talent.


Jevin Hodge will serve transparently and hold his colleagues to a high level of accountability. Investment in responsible leadership pays dividends to the entire county. We need to make sure internal accountability systems within the county are up to date and demand that our leadership be responsive to the needs of the community. As a leader, he will be accountable to his coworkers on the board, he will be accountable to the citizens who elect him today, and he will be accountable to future generations of Maricopa County residents.