Climate change is an existential threat to our planet. It can also be a huge opportunity for Arizona to lead the way in developing clean energy sources, especially solar. We must recommit to the Paris Climate Accords and establish American leadership in developing the next generation of energy independence. With that leadership, we can transform our economy and create millions of high quality jobs all while protecting the planet for future generations. We must achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. I will be a leader for pro-climate, pro-market policy solutions to achieve that goal. In Arizona that means thousands of skilled labor jobs to build, install, and maintain solar panels. It also means lower utility costs for all Arizonans because solar power is abundant. Importantly it means increased national security because our energy is homegrown and does not have to rely on the whims of foreign dictators.

Voting Rights and Protecting Our Democracy

Democracy is under attack and David Schweikert is sitting on the sidelines. Schweikert voted against certifying the 2020 election, continuing to spread the lie that the election was stolen. Now more than ever, we need Congressmen with the courage to stand up for what is right. I will vote in favor of the For The People Act, the most comprehensive pro-democracy bill aimed at making it easier for people to vote and ending the dominance of dark money Super PAC’s in our campaigns.

Fixing Corruption in Government

Arizona families need a Congressman who will look out for them, not look to line their own pockets. We know David Schweikert can’t be trusted - that’s why he was unanimously censured by Democrats and Republicans in Congress. When I’m in Congress, I will vote for bills banning individual stock trading by Members of Congress and other legislation to ensure Arizonans can finally have confidence in their Representatives.


Plain and simple - corrupt, chaotic Congressmen like David Schweikert are bad for business. Instead of focusing on scoring partisan points, Arizonans need a leader who will work to modernize our tax and regulatory system, foster innovation, and invest in education, job-training, and infrastructure to continue to spur economic growth. In Congress, you can trust that I will always look out for Arizona businesses.

Health Care

We need real solutions to reduce health care costs for Arizona families - period. In Congress, I will fight to reduce premiums, co-pays, and the cost of medicines for families and seniors. We also need to increase the insurance choices available to consumers which will drive down costs and improve the quality of the care Arizonans receive. We must protect the ability to get insurance coverage for people who have pre-existing conditions to ensure that every Arizonan can get the care they need.


Parents in Arizona know that our schools are woefully underfunded - I will continue to fight for increased funding to make sure our kids have the tools they need to get the education they deserve. That includes skills training in high schools so that every kid has what they need to have a good-paying job. We must also make higher education more affordable and accessible for the kids who choose that route. Education was my ticket to the American Dream - but right now, it is a ticket that is not available to far too many. We must do better.